Window sills

Window sills

Window sills are not only decoration, but most of all protection.

In addition to the decorative purposes, window sills have a number of other properties. Protecting the window recess against damage and providing external thermal insulation.
You can purchase internal and external window sills, when properly selected and installed improve the functionality of a window, giving personalised style and facilitate drainage of excess rainwater.

In our offer you will find:


Doskonałe właściwosci izolacyjne i naturalne materiały.


Przyczynia się do uzyskiwania wyrobów jakości.


Przyczynia się do uzyskiwania wyrobów jakości.


Produkty wykonane z różnego rodzaju drewna.

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External window sills.

The window sill is responsible for the proper distribution of heat from the radiator and protection of the walls against dirt. You should remember that its proper installation is critical and imperative to reduce excess energy losses in your apartment or home. Making savings for the heating your home in winter, and reducing maintenance of radiators throughout the house.
Last but not least, the window sill is also an important element of the interior design, which can easily give any room a personalised character.
Our offer includes external aluminium window sills, extremely solid and resistant to weather conditions.
Our window sill frames are produced by the aluminium pulling technique and are manufactured from structural alloys that meet the highest quality standards. They are renowned for their excellent durability,tightness, and structural integrity. Aluminium window sills are available with a full corresponding assortment: end caps, gaskets, stainless-steel screws, tight clips matching the screws or drip caps and end caps.
Our Window sills are available in various colours variants. (Colour selection can be previewed in the RAL palette and non-standard colors).



Available widths

from 50mm to 380mm

from 150mm to 300mm


the angular shape of the aluminum profiles

classic, rounded shape of aluminum profiles

Internal window sills.

Although internal window sills are not a requirement, they are worth choosing due to the wide range of functions they perform.
Adding an internal Window sill helps to provide an ideal thermal insulation, minimizing the flow of cold air from the window that mixes with warm air above the radiator and are usually placed under the window sill. It is also a barrier against dust rising from radiators, which can cause allergic reactions for people.
Our window sills have excellent operational uses, and also internal window sills add a delicate decorative element to the room.
Our offer includes interior window sills made of wood or MDF (i.e. wood fiber board).
Wooden window sills* are made of solid wood or glued square timber – (*depending on the selected color). We use solid wood in Azure colors and glued wood – in RAL opaque colors.



Dostępne szerokości

Od 50mm do 380mm

Od 150mm do 300mm


Kanciasty kształt profili aluminiowych

Klasyczny, zaokrąglony kształt profili aluminiowych

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