Our experienced workmen are passionate and dedicated to manufacturing products of the highest quality.

Our production facilities are provided with SCM Group, Michael WEINIG AG, HOMAG Group and POLZER woodworking machines. Our products are produced during manufacture to the following quality standards: PN-EN 14351-1+A1, PN-EN 1628, PN-EN 1629, PN-EN 1630, PNEN 1026:2001, PN-EN 1027:2001, PN-EN 12211:2001, PN-EN 12210:2001, PN-EN 12207:2001 and PN-EN 12208:2001.


Wood as a natural, durable building material.


We use only certified materials in the production.


contributes to the achievement of high quality products.


Our products are made of different types of wood.

We enjoy continuous cooperation with qualified, experienced experts in the field of window and door production, but also with historic preservation officers and architects.

Source: Homag

Our factory has 3 wide, modern production halls:

– 1. hall: windows are formatted, profiled, milled and glued
– 2. hall: windows are impregnated, polished and painted.
– 3. hall: gaskets, fittings and drips are installed; glazing and siliconizing.

Our production: