Wood external doors

Wooden external doors

They will give your home a comfortable warmth zone.


A large selection of types of wood.


Our door production processes include high quality raw materials.


We produce our doors using certified materials.

2 years

warranty for our exterior doors.


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panel door
opening outwards


variant I
variant II

In addition to great thermal properties they provide an acoustic insulation. Our master craftsmen use carefully selected quality wood for the production of our wooden doors.

Classic external wooden doors with a 68, 78 or 92 mm profile are perfect for any home or apartment, versatile and functional. With our selection of wood types and a wide range of available colors will allow you to realise your dream external wooden doors. The Classic door model has an elegant finish, high functionality, and ease of use. Optionally, you can use Viennese muntins, ornamental or matt panes to complete the look.
Modern external wooden doors are the essence of minimalism. Modern doors are personlised by a simple form and separation layers of both wood and glazing. Optionally, we can use matte, Venetian glass, simple milling in drafting of horizontal lines or a barbell handle.
Selected types of wood and an extensive list of colors will allow you to compose your dream external wooden doors. MODERN wooden exterior doors establish their modernist look, high functionality and unique design. However they differ from plastic doors, those made of wood provide better thermal insulation.
Wooden historic doors are devoted to historical era buildings undergoing renovation and conservation works. Antique doors validate themselves during the renovation of old buildings, however many modern constructions are now using historical doors to add a touch of class and elegance. So if you dream of an original door inspired by a older era or a historical period for your own house or apartment, well help you faithfully recreate it for you. Antique wooden external doors have a range of profiles: 68, 78, 92.


Covering from the RAL palette or azure from the catalog of transparent standard colours. Three-layer system or four-coat system; optional: two-colour RAL / azure, azure / RAL.


There are various options available: pine, spruce, larch, meranti or oak. Filling (optional): thermal insulation board / glazing.


Standard door handles, knockers, handles of the producers: HOPPE and FKS, additional: thermo-glass, “muntin bars” (glazing bars).


Wooden doors are available with double (profile 68) or triple (profile 78 or 92) glazing; width up to 143mm,
Thickness of the frame and sash: 68, 78 or 92mm. Filling (optional): 24 mm up to 48 mm thick VARIOTEC thermal insulation board / glazing.


2 or 3-glass package, two-chamber 4/16/4/16/4; glazing thermal insulation: from Ug=0,7 W/m2 or 4/18/4/18/4 Ug=0,5W/m2k (argon-filled inter-pane space). Optional “warm frame” in a colour matched to the colour of the window, safety glass VSG 6-12, anti-burglary: P2 – P5; soundproof panes, solar control, fire protection, Venetian glass, ornamental glass etc.


barrier-free aluminum / flat
optional: drop seal


transparent colour,
optionally: silicone colour matched to the colour of the wood,
available colours: white, cream-white, gray-white, transparent-gray, light-gray, gray, silver-gray, concrete-gray, jasmine, light oak, dark oak, pine brown, ochre brown, medium brown, roe brown, chocolate brown, dark brown, black


A strip with a three-point locking WINKHAUS, PROTECT 3D SIMONSWERK hinges with adjustment in three planes.


2 years

Many satisfied customers
over the last 30 years.

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