How to take care of fittings?

It is advised to lubricate all movable fittings’ parts with a drop of oil in order to open and close windows and doors without any problems.
If any of the tilt-and-turn function is disrupted, do not restore the proper position of the element by force.

It is important not to damage rustproof coating while taking care of your fittings. We advise the application of gentle, ph-neutral soap dissolved in water. Do not use any agents containing acids. Remember to protect fittings during any renovation or building works to prevent them from damage or pollution.

At least once a year it is advised to: 

– lubricate all movable elements and lock points with grease or oil without any acids or resins,
– check all fastening elements responsible for safety and screw them in properly if necessary.

Simple daily rules how to care for windows and fittings:

– do not overload the window leaf with any additional load,
– do not press the leaf against the casing,
– do not leave the window open during heavy winds,
– do not put any objects between the window leaf and the casing.

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