Colour palettes

Colour palettes

Choose a colour, which will give your interior a special character.

For painting our wooden and wood-aluminium windows we use ecological varnish only from reliable suppliers, whose products show the best properties.
They provide perfect painting cover and perfect protection of wood against weather factors. The range of colors is based on RAL system of cover color pallet and azure colors.

You can find the complete RAL colour palette at the website:

Below you can find examples of azures and oils for wood
- available in our offer:

Aluminum caps for wood-aluminium windows are available in colours from the basic RAL palette. However, for those who appreciate extraordinary solutions, we can offer the non-standard ACC 2 colour palette:

Aluron Color Collection 2 - palettes of aluminium colours

Aluron Color Collection 2 (ACC 2) is an individual and exclusive palette of colors available only under the ALURON brand. It contains over 60 custom, modern and interesting colors that give the windows and buildings a unique character. This wide range of colors gives the opportunity to emphasize the original design, design and aesthetics of the building in the surroundings.

ACC 2 is a palette of powder-coated colors of various gloss levels, textures and wood-like decors. The collection also includes anodized and anodised imitating colors. Painting in ALURON powder coating facilities is made according to the QUALICOAT standard of quality.

Source: Aluron

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