Wood-aluminium lift & slide doors

Wood-aluminium lift & slide doors

The wooden frame is covered with an additional, external aluminium cover, which provides additional thermal and sound insulation.

31 - 39


1,31 - 1,42

Izolacja termiczna

do RC1, RC2


7 lat


profile 68, GU fittings
profile 68, Siegenia fittings

Modernity and comfort
in one.

Both the outer cover and the wooden frame can be manufactured in a wide range of colors – and customised for your preferences. These doors are currently being installed in contemporary houses and apartments.


Wood colour covering from the RAL palette or azure from the catalog of transparent standard colours + aluminum color selected from among the color samples on aluminum. Three-coat system or four-coat system.


There are various options available: pine, spruce, larch, meranti or oak + aluminium.


Siegenia or GU.


GU/Siegenia (maximum leaf weight 500-600 kg)

Way of opening

Lift & Slide


frames with three-layer glued scantlings (joined along the length), max. width per element 3000 mm, maximum height 2700 mm.


2- or 3-glass package, eg. two-chamber 4/16/4/16/4; argon-filled inter-pane space) – thermal transmittance from Ug=0,7 W/m2k or 4/18/4/18/4 with Ug = 0,5W/m2k (argon-filled inter-pane space);
optional “warm frame” in a colour matched to the colour of the window, safety glass VSG 6-12, anti-burglary: P2 – P5; soundproof panes, solar control, fire protection, Venetian glass, ornamental glass etc.; Profile 68 max. glazing-set: 46 mm.


barrier-free aluminium / flat


Standard: 2, optional: 3.


transparent colour,
optionally: silicone colour matched to the colour of the wood,
available colours: white, cream-white, gray-white, transparent-gray, light-gray, gray, silver-gray, concrete-gray, jasmine, light oak, dark oak, pine brown, ochre brown, medium brown, roe brown, chocolate brown, dark brown, black.


5 years

Many satisfied customers
over the last 30 years.

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