More demanding customers who want to bring a note of art into their homes such as some original and absolutely unique shape of a door, window element or fixed glazing, may benefit from our offer of additional ornaments made by a professional artist.

The door may be decorated with a family name, a restaurant name or any subject ornament such as your favourite flower, a landscape, etc. Such decorations look extremely well in new houses of a certain style, pensions, restaurants, art galleries.


Doskonałe właściwosci izolacyjne i naturalne materiały.


Przyczynia się do uzyskiwania wyrobów jakości.


Przyczynia się do uzyskiwania wyrobów jakości.


Produkty wykonane z różnego rodzaju drewna.

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over the last 30 years.

Decorative muntins and mullions, which are used in a window construction fulfill an ornamental function.

Ornaments - selected projects:

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